Monday, June 30, 2008


weekend again.
an off-day for me again. yeahooo
and it is time to hang out again. hang out wit buddies.
and I did invite them, but there's no yes for me.
it seems like all of my friends were bz wit their college or school life,
especially those May or June intakers.
envy u guys !!!
i noe u guys will complain abt the test or homework or assignment and bla bla...if i said so.
but that's the college or school life, right?
i reali wish i can get back to the school life.
but .. good things nvr stay .. especially when u are getting older..
so went to QB as usual and ALONE ! sounds crazy right?
but since everyday i work till im exhausted
and nite i could not on9 bcuz of the Fucking streamyx !
and until now my parent still dont allow me to DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE
even though i olrdy got my license .

I juz want some fresh air from outside.

planned to watch it
ever since when i watched the trailer two weeks ago

She's the reason y I wanna watch the movie.LOL
I wan to be adopted tooo... I wanna be the part of the international family toooo
over here Angelina... yu huu .. X)

Unfortunately! the movie censored too much.
Boh song liao

Finish the movie
Did some shopping to fill up the empty-ness in my heart? LOL (lame excuse)
bought these.

bought it
recommended by Mr. PAT
Insist to me that this is a must-watch series.
and guess what
I'm 'ADDICTED' now.
love their lifestyle & FASHION(especially)
my favourite three characters in the series:

Blake Lively - Serena HOT

Leighton Meester - Blair HOT again

Chance Crawford - Nate
he is so handsome
wat else can i say.
god sometimes is so unfair to us..

oh well, watched 6 episodes.
6 down, 7 to go.



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