Sunday, October 25, 2009

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just a random update for my deathly blog.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


a recommendation korean tv drama
is about a boxing and boxing league.
a very good 热血篇
is kinda rare cuz hardly could find a korean tv drama
which is not all about the love story.
well.. this one have.. but it's like 30-40% contain .

and now I'm gonna intro the cast crew of the drama
as usual:

the reason why I started to watch it
KIM BUM , 金范


Joo Jin Mo , 朱镇模
one of the lead character
in case u guys duno
he's the guy from 200 pounds beauty(200磅美女)
and in the list of top hot korean acter too

and then I found out there are two HOTTIES in the drama too


Son Dam Bi , 孙丹菲 !!
actress and singer


Choi Yeo Jin , 崔如真
Actress and model



Friday, October 2, 2009

the COOLEST thing ever !!

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Ecco Cafe

the connection has became .. er.. well, slightly stable.
and so I finally manage to blog now
back to the day right before Hari Raya.
Tuko called me out for dinner
and asked me any place for recommendation .

since there's a DRIVER.
since it ain't SUNDAY.
if u are my loyal blog reader, sure y'all know where I'm talking about.

the interiors.
sorry about the photo quality
cuz none of us have any mighty photo capture gadgets .

Tuko and his .
gosh, I forgot the name.

Sean and his Chicken Sandwich

my Claypot Chicken

Bok and his Pizza Foldover

our Lassi-es

not bad. but doesnt meet my requirement.