Monday, August 31, 2009

J X W wet party.

Was being late to the party
cuz I need to attend the eldest of our family, Granny's birthday celebration.
reached Jon's house around 9
but still I'm earlier than Benjoon them.

the King, Jon

Jia Yik was setting up the fire.

Girls at the dance floor.

Yong Kai

the Queen of the day, Wendy.



homemade kebab.

didn't eat that much at the party.
stomach was fulled at granny's birthday celebration.

mahjong crave at the party.
cuz Jon finally knew how to play it
but still he's a beginner. XD
cha la.

oh ya Jon.
thx for the LAYS
that you brought all the way from Bangkok.

group pictures before the WAR starts.

after that ,it's cake time.
Jon and some of the guys were putting cake on chair in the middle of garden
and asking everybody come around ,sing birthday song etc.
well, none of us did.
with our human-nature-born-dangerous-awareness-instinct
everyone was standing hell away from the cake
especially the girls .
and singing the birthday song.
Jon was like:"Cannot , everyone gather here around."
and still none of us did it.
and den..

everyone is wet beside Jie Yong and Jeressa.

no silly photos of us were taken because Saix were back .
thx god !

The end.

Happy Birthday Jonathan and Wendy !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


the greatest of physic calculation/formula?

or luck?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah Di's biggest day

it was our dearly Soon Xia Wei's big day
a BBQ party held at his house last Saturday.

the cousins, Weng Kit and Limynn
Eunice, we shld do this nxt time

Birthday Boy

the guys.

kept bullying and flirting every single maid that he met

the biggest and delightful pressie from his parents
tsk tsk.
mum! I wan too..

Reddish G-string
from his friend


ps:photos via Limynn's facebook

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Irresistable Flash

As I mentioned at my earlier post
I went to photo shoot wit Noi and Kit.
since my dad kept his Canon EOS 500 film camera so well
in a seal-ed box with silica gel .
approximately 10 years olds.

and Noi's dad have the same series camera too
His Canon EOS 300
Noi said our camera series called as Canon Kiss.
so,this is a brother-hood camera shooting.

We went down to heritage area at down town

Noi wanted to use expired film wor
unpredictable and randomly
so I decided to give it a try too
one expired film and one non-expired film.

this is gonna be a long post.

first, photos from Noi's expired film:

love window

Kit and the checkers

stalker Noi

his signature posture


aiyor.. enough la

temple of goddess
It was her birthday.

again. =)

and now it's my turn
I'm not gonna post photos from my expired film
sebab langsung tak boleh guna !

Kit's bubur cacar
very famous u know.
Phua Chu Kang and Rosie came b4 u know

Noi with his

a Lancer-wannabee Waja

Noi's favourite

venture behind the darkness

street art

went to Rumah Peranakan
Mum is gonna kill me
cuz she's fan of this TV series Little Nyonya
and this is one of their shooting venue.

3D wall sculpture

another Noi's favourite

Noi edited the photos and uploaded it on his blog.
Click here & take a look

had fun and enjoyed.
looking foward for nxt one
but have to wait until Noi's exam over 1st