Monday, August 17, 2009

Bravo Italiano.

back to last and last Sunday
after the photo shoot with Noi and Kit
I planned to go to Ecco Cafe
but unfortunately , it close on every FREAKING Sunday
yet another "lan-si" restaurant closed on
the very PEAK day of the week for restaurant.

but u know what
luckily I had a plan B.
after the trial of getting into Sire Museum
which is closed on Sunday as well.

Bravo Italiano
located at the ground floor of I-Avenue
which is very near to Queensbay and Krystal Point.

My set dinner
rm 42
inclusively with :

Soup of the day - Homemade Mushroom Soup
served with garlic bread.

Lamb Shank.
NZ lamp cooked with RED WINE & etc etc
haha.. the only two ingredients I remembered

Dessert of the day - Belgium Cheese Cake

and these are Weng Kit's ala carte :

Corona Beer
from Mexico
rm 15 somethin
but 20% discount due to the promotion.
Nice BEER ler I tell u

Chicken Piccata
forgot the price olrdy.

Noi ordered one beverage only
cuz he have to leave for family dinner afterwards

Caffe Romano
rm 14

I forgot to take a shot on it.
(photo via

this is not some normal coke float or rootbear float.
it's like a cocktail with Orange Coffee based drink
and added Rum.
(info via

Ah Di and Daniel came to join us
after Noi left.

Ah Di


it's HELL GOOD .
click HERE for the map

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