Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Edge of the year

Edge of the year.
celebrating the End and the Beginning.
some simple & happy celebration-gathering held on 3G
not crowded
great view
no traffic jamp
nice waiters.
as well as expected. XD
wit Pat, Zhen, Luyi, Aik Tatt, Vincent & two unknown friends of Aik Tatt.

wit Aik Tatt

& Pat



P/S : Ksp , guiness ain't uncle's drink la!
and Ji qin ,u still owe me sushi .XD

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part III & Home Sweet Home !

Thursday (Christmas) :

finally. behold(for me..XD) PAVILION.

and the 1st thing is EAT
cuz both of us woke up kinda late.
den went into some thai restaurant name Rain Nudle House

my pineapple fried rice.

I wonder that they hav to cut a new pineapple to serve wit the rice
for every single order that customer made?
and that will be like abt 30 pineapples per-day ?

and this is theng's tomyam bihun
look how big the bowl is. compare to the coke can.

and we met two local celebrities , KK (988 DJ) & 钟盛忠(singer)
oh ya I also terlanggar the miss astro 2007 when I was in KLCC
oh well. still dunno who she is. xD

afterwards ,
MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee
MOF has already established itself in Singapore a couple of years back.
And now, MOF is bringing Malaysians the chance to savor the healthy authentic Japanese sweets and coffee right here .
There are a variety of sweets and desserts to choose from
no flavouring & bla bla bla. totally 'organic' ice-cream . I guess

softy ice-cream and it's kinda full

and then went to starhill gallery
owhh.. wait wait. one more for Hoay

another favourite of urs

haha. headed back to pavilion again. waiting uncle to pick us up.


uncle brought all of us to eat some steamboat.
as our Christmas Dinner XD

Me & Tammy. eating crab
dirty hand.

Jasper Toh. camwhore

Aunt and uncle.

Friday :
Finally , it's time to go home
the bus depart at 3 pm
click the name if u are interested

while I was waiting the bus come
a cup of coffee or tea for free in the hotel cafe

my ever 1st time aboard a double decker bus.

SUBWAY burger - free meal again



mini table and the free hot beverage

lounge & toilet at downstairs

reached Penang 8 pm
Home Sweet Home !

and these are gonna add into my wardrobe
I love Christmas.
I mean , who hates Christmas ?
everyone loves it.

I wanna thx uncle , aunt , tammy , jasper, kenneth , nike
and especially my beloved & precious theng !
I noe u hav been exhausted for keep hanging out wit me all along.
haha . thx ya all.
there's no such happy Christmas holiday without u all

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Days in KL

Saturday night:
went to Neway ktv during midnight
and all of us were wearing pajamas or some nerdy-casual-home look
well. midnight ler. no need to be so beautiful la.

cousins that haven't met for ages.


man jie & shi jie

xiao po theng


seriously they shld open a branch in penang too.
cuz the service is much more better than redbox.

Suria - KLCC
This is for you , Hoay.

This is for you , Pat.

and this is for me

and we watched Wild Child.
I love Emma Robert.
haha. nothin much for monday.
juz wanna thx my lovely Theng .
if not sure im kena tipu by those taxi driver.

went to Midvalley & the Gardens
nothin much too.
den when we were on our way back home
we decided to drop in to Leisure Mall
and when I was coming out from the toilet
Theng asked me to watch somethin
well, apparently there's a christmas tree
which is filled wit the christmas wish lists from the orphans.

(SK-II make up set, chainc and earrings, high heel shoe-size 8)
some others even want ipod nano,PSP and etc etc.
gosh !
watched Beverly Hills Chiwawa

two days more to go back..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 2 in KL

second day in KL
after 5 years. stepped into this huge land again.

finally,I juz ended my college survey.
still in the consideration.
as dad and uncle said. all I hav is time
no need to be rush on it.
and after the survey, it is totally different than wat we thought.

oh ya . I hav the coolest dad !
haha. reali glad that dad came wit me.
cuz i reali dunno how to ask those question.

overall for KL so far.
I like:
KL highway. damn WIDE and 4 lanes atleast.
and the most important is SMOOTH SMOOTH!
ain't like penang ! HOLES everywhere !
and maximum 3 lanes only .
that's y always traffic jamp in the industry area during peak time !

dislike :
worse than penang's
dont even signal when they wanna turn or approach junction.

ended survey. dad is back now.
so ,SHOPPING for the rest of the days.
Christmas spirit everyone
prepare ur cookies and milk!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best fan video

Beyonce best fan ever .


Monday, December 15, 2008

Giorgio Armani

Dear Santa,

I love u ,Santa !
u may not delivering presents to every single kid in the world
but we still love u.
cuz there are LOTs of , TONs of Christmas sales & packages bcuz of u !
at least that is the best u can do to repay us .

and I'm always the Christmas spirit kid

left: body shampoo
mid: after shave balm
right: Giorgio Armani EDT Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

my Christmas present that i got for myself.
eventually & surpriselly i got one more armani code after shave balm
and a sling bag for FREE !
thx you sales girl . nice eye shadow u hav XDDD
thx SANTA !!
I know u hav always been watching on me for being such a good and faithful kid

Santa, I reali hope that u could make it here in M'sia.
we may not hav chimney for u to get in. perharps knock our window?
I can prepare u some 'ang gu gui' and 'teh peng'
in case u are sick of milk and cookies.
and I could hang my red socks on 神桌 if u dun mind
oh ya, one more.
if u are coming. u could need some camel instead of deers
hot and long journey to here. XD


love this photo.

10 days more for Christmas !

Sunday, December 14, 2008


If u guys are searching a hidden,peace & a nice cafe
this is the place to be recommend

read it from the newspaper
but i dunno wer's the location
after months, finally knew it.
new world park nearby

the founder is an Indonesian
which had travelled through most of the western country
wit bicycle .
i think.. cuz the article said so. XD
and that's y u can see there are some bic inside.
and his 招牌 is home made tiramisu.
which is the recipe that he learnt it from some euro village old lady
again.. info from the article.

and SO. . y not?

eager Pat's hand is blocking the view

here's the tiramisu(rm7.80)
u noe the feeling of 入口即化?
that's how i describe the taste
and beside the cake is the siTigun ice blended coffee(rm3.80).
ain't BEER
well, that doesnt taste like ice blended for me.
cuz the ice blended is damn softy ! juz like water !
ain't metaphor ! trust me

and the enviroment :

little pond inside the cafe.

the place they keep their coffee bean

the counter
sry for the blur-ish .

conclusion : nice enviroment


nxt time,can u switch on the sound for ur plasma tv.
cuz we reali wanna watch the movie.

damn heavy accent u hav.XD juz kidding

and sry for not giving tips
blame Pat la. XDD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Take my words back.

i was wrong!
take my words back.

love them.


and Him !



well. actually.. prefer Pattinson more. XD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

P.S hmm.. guess wat

strongly recommend to u all
juz finished it
well some of u may had read the novel
but watch the movie pls !

ok. back to the subject
i noe my blog almost dead
cuz i keep watching all the movies that i missed all along

and tml
this one

this is the movie poster

and this is the cover of the novel
although i haven read it

Robert Pattinson, the vampire
new breakout star in hollywood.

but i still stick wit Chace Crawford..

Kristen Stewart
so so for me.

well.. who know
maybe gonna change the impression for me after the movie

EXCITED for it .
credits to Patrick and Perez Hilton
for strongly recommended