Monday, December 15, 2008

Giorgio Armani

Dear Santa,

I love u ,Santa !
u may not delivering presents to every single kid in the world
but we still love u.
cuz there are LOTs of , TONs of Christmas sales & packages bcuz of u !
at least that is the best u can do to repay us .

and I'm always the Christmas spirit kid

left: body shampoo
mid: after shave balm
right: Giorgio Armani EDT Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

my Christmas present that i got for myself.
eventually & surpriselly i got one more armani code after shave balm
and a sling bag for FREE !
thx you sales girl . nice eye shadow u hav XDDD
thx SANTA !!
I know u hav always been watching on me for being such a good and faithful kid

Santa, I reali hope that u could make it here in M'sia.
we may not hav chimney for u to get in. perharps knock our window?
I can prepare u some 'ang gu gui' and 'teh peng'
in case u are sick of milk and cookies.
and I could hang my red socks on 神桌 if u dun mind
oh ya, one more.
if u are coming. u could need some camel instead of deers
hot and long journey to here. XD


love this photo.

10 days more for Christmas !

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