Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 2 in KL

second day in KL
after 5 years. stepped into this huge land again.

finally,I juz ended my college survey.
still in the consideration.
as dad and uncle said. all I hav is time
no need to be rush on it.
and after the survey, it is totally different than wat we thought.

oh ya . I hav the coolest dad !
haha. reali glad that dad came wit me.
cuz i reali dunno how to ask those question.

overall for KL so far.
I like:
KL highway. damn WIDE and 4 lanes atleast.
and the most important is SMOOTH SMOOTH!
ain't like penang ! HOLES everywhere !
and maximum 3 lanes only .
that's y always traffic jamp in the industry area during peak time !

dislike :
worse than penang's
dont even signal when they wanna turn or approach junction.

ended survey. dad is back now.
so ,SHOPPING for the rest of the days.
Christmas spirit everyone
prepare ur cookies and milk!


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