Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buzzer Beat .

finally, the last episode of Buzzer Beat.

been watching this japanese series for the past few months


at the beginning, I starting to watch this tv series because of this guy.
I've watched some of his other Japanese series b4.
not bad though
dislike his GOLDEN CURLY hair in the show.
prefer his previous black straight hair.

BUT then!!

(my current wallpaper)

my dearly 北川景子
making me excited on every Tuesday
(cuz the show release on every Monday)
makes my heart sores every time when she cries in the show.

I know I'm insane.

Owhhh ya..
incase ya'll dunno
she's one of the Kanebo spokesperson? I guess.

she's the bottom one.

It's juz a random post to update for the sake of my DEAD and EMPTY blog.
till then..

mi-na-sang, za-neh~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

how delightful is

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
love the RIM !
well.. the interior is kinda a disappointment .

Saturday, September 5, 2009


since Pat and I was talking about NS last night
he said he kinda regret that he was not on the NS list.
after he watched the friday's 康熙来了 with the topic of 他们也当过兵?
and then Nadia(one of my NS friend) just uploaded photos
during our National Service.

hence I'm gonna share some of it.

see the most TOP red flag !
is my Alpha/Hornet company's flag or logo
I'm the one DESIGN it ,DREW it and COLOURED it
well.. colour part sure got some assistants la
but I'm the chief of the art & creativity department.
look at other's .. so.. normal~
and our company was the best company of the batch
that's why ours are top !

PS : I was HONOURED , Jurulatih's 钦点
to draw our camp's flag for the
inter-camp Rakit & kayak competition.
call me chief of the White Resort art department

Divya got the Sime Darby scholarship
Nadia got the Subang Jaya scholarship
sipek Brainiac

and as some of u guys wishes
gonna show u my baldy photos

Kiwi and me

Pepxy and me

Nadia and me
wat a rare natural good smile I had.
gonna practise it for the sake of my coming soon photos



ps:I take my words back. abt I was blemished bcuz of the NS
apparently nope when I look back the photos. it's my job's fault.

Friday, September 4, 2009


accidentally found it
at my mum sewing table
mum kept it as spare when I was high school
until now.

I miss high school.