Saturday, November 28, 2009

Korea Palace

I went to airport just now.
cousins came back from NZ.

and I was searching places around for dinner
in the end.

Korea Palace.
located at Crystal Point.
next to Domino's Pizza

Made some noob order.
both of my cousin laughed and teased me.

well. that was my first time in korean BBQ restaurant.
so, I should be forgiven.

conlusion : good service , reasonable price

Saturday, November 7, 2009


For those who are studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering
if u are wondering what to do as your final project
here's the one how u gonna piss your lecturer arse off !

The Prometheus Device

Click HERE to see how he made all by HIMSELF
including the wiring diagram and the process.

Jon !! please make one!! this damn cool!!
just like IRONMAN

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For the Mac users.

click this.
just a random update for my deathly blog.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


a recommendation korean tv drama
is about a boxing and boxing league.
a very good 热血篇
is kinda rare cuz hardly could find a korean tv drama
which is not all about the love story.
well.. this one have.. but it's like 30-40% contain .

and now I'm gonna intro the cast crew of the drama
as usual:

the reason why I started to watch it
KIM BUM , 金范


Joo Jin Mo , 朱镇模
one of the lead character
in case u guys duno
he's the guy from 200 pounds beauty(200磅美女)
and in the list of top hot korean acter too

and then I found out there are two HOTTIES in the drama too


Son Dam Bi , 孙丹菲 !!
actress and singer


Choi Yeo Jin , 崔如真
Actress and model



Friday, October 2, 2009

the COOLEST thing ever !!

Click Matty Martin for more information

Ecco Cafe

the connection has became .. er.. well, slightly stable.
and so I finally manage to blog now
back to the day right before Hari Raya.
Tuko called me out for dinner
and asked me any place for recommendation .

since there's a DRIVER.
since it ain't SUNDAY.
if u are my loyal blog reader, sure y'all know where I'm talking about.

the interiors.
sorry about the photo quality
cuz none of us have any mighty photo capture gadgets .

Tuko and his .
gosh, I forgot the name.

Sean and his Chicken Sandwich

my Claypot Chicken

Bok and his Pizza Foldover

our Lassi-es

not bad. but doesnt meet my requirement.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buzzer Beat .

finally, the last episode of Buzzer Beat.

been watching this japanese series for the past few months


at the beginning, I starting to watch this tv series because of this guy.
I've watched some of his other Japanese series b4.
not bad though
dislike his GOLDEN CURLY hair in the show.
prefer his previous black straight hair.

BUT then!!

(my current wallpaper)

my dearly 北川景子
making me excited on every Tuesday
(cuz the show release on every Monday)
makes my heart sores every time when she cries in the show.

I know I'm insane.

Owhhh ya..
incase ya'll dunno
she's one of the Kanebo spokesperson? I guess.

she's the bottom one.

It's juz a random post to update for the sake of my DEAD and EMPTY blog.
till then..

mi-na-sang, za-neh~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

how delightful is

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
love the RIM !
well.. the interior is kinda a disappointment .

Saturday, September 5, 2009


since Pat and I was talking about NS last night
he said he kinda regret that he was not on the NS list.
after he watched the friday's 康熙来了 with the topic of 他们也当过兵?
and then Nadia(one of my NS friend) just uploaded photos
during our National Service.

hence I'm gonna share some of it.

see the most TOP red flag !
is my Alpha/Hornet company's flag or logo
I'm the one DESIGN it ,DREW it and COLOURED it
well.. colour part sure got some assistants la
but I'm the chief of the art & creativity department.
look at other's .. so.. normal~
and our company was the best company of the batch
that's why ours are top !

PS : I was HONOURED , Jurulatih's 钦点
to draw our camp's flag for the
inter-camp Rakit & kayak competition.
call me chief of the White Resort art department

Divya got the Sime Darby scholarship
Nadia got the Subang Jaya scholarship
sipek Brainiac

and as some of u guys wishes
gonna show u my baldy photos

Kiwi and me

Pepxy and me

Nadia and me
wat a rare natural good smile I had.
gonna practise it for the sake of my coming soon photos



ps:I take my words back. abt I was blemished bcuz of the NS
apparently nope when I look back the photos. it's my job's fault.

Friday, September 4, 2009


accidentally found it
at my mum sewing table
mum kept it as spare when I was high school
until now.

I miss high school.

Monday, August 31, 2009

J X W wet party.

Was being late to the party
cuz I need to attend the eldest of our family, Granny's birthday celebration.
reached Jon's house around 9
but still I'm earlier than Benjoon them.

the King, Jon

Jia Yik was setting up the fire.

Girls at the dance floor.

Yong Kai

the Queen of the day, Wendy.



homemade kebab.

didn't eat that much at the party.
stomach was fulled at granny's birthday celebration.

mahjong crave at the party.
cuz Jon finally knew how to play it
but still he's a beginner. XD
cha la.

oh ya Jon.
thx for the LAYS
that you brought all the way from Bangkok.

group pictures before the WAR starts.

after that ,it's cake time.
Jon and some of the guys were putting cake on chair in the middle of garden
and asking everybody come around ,sing birthday song etc.
well, none of us did.
with our human-nature-born-dangerous-awareness-instinct
everyone was standing hell away from the cake
especially the girls .
and singing the birthday song.
Jon was like:"Cannot , everyone gather here around."
and still none of us did it.
and den..

everyone is wet beside Jie Yong and Jeressa.

no silly photos of us were taken because Saix were back .
thx god !

The end.

Happy Birthday Jonathan and Wendy !