Thursday, September 30, 2010

the Bee

Theoretical exam was ok, though I finished it in within 30 minutes .
though I found out there are several wrong answers after discussed with classmate.

after that, we went Jaya One for lunch
as I promised Carin and PJ yesterday
Louie tagged along too.
We were planning to go to Sushi King at first
but then eventually we've decided to eat at the Bee

the bar


the promotions

he's actually holding a cigarette on the other hand
wanted to show a nice guy image
so he wont show it.

Louie's Double Latte and Red Velvet Cake

My big coke and PJ's ice water
my coke is complimentary with the order of my meal
one of their promotion.

My Australia Burger.
recommended by waitress
I was like "hm~hmm~~"
I can see angel is waving his hand to me
the cheese was melted into the beef ham
maybe I was too hungry.
but still, I think it's AWESOME !!

and students get 10% off of total bill
free drinks + 10% off

and Lastly,

try to guess where it is.
it's in the gent's toilet
it's the place that where we always pee on the wall
but this one is pee on that GLASS !
and there is water coming out from the top of the glass .
I was shocked when I saw someone was pee-ing on some glass fence
it's too beautiful to pee on it

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer War 夏日大作战

especially for those who likes digimon the movie
and also reminds me the reason why I used to like to watch
japanese movie .

I wont say anything abt the storyline .
don't want to be a spoiler.
Just go watch it yourself on PPS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New York New York Deli !

New York New York Deli @ 1 Utama

I saw this nice and cool restaurant every time
when I passed by to/from the bus terminal at One U
and I told myself that DEFINATELY I will go and try it !

it's sooo niceee.
full of description and nice design.
I like it.

Wu Wu
It said "Super Sinful" nxt to the price of
Ultra-Rich Chocolate Velvet
I like that
Sinful mortal eats Sinful food
so, I ordered it.

they put "Super Sinful" as like somekind of their restaurant recommendation
I guess maybe it's too nice until it makes u eat it non-stop & fat

My Latino Chicken Chop
Recommended by the waiter

Here's my Sinful Ultra-Rich Chocolate Velvet.
with marshmallow on top

Lam ordered Meat Balls Bolognese Spaghetti
Now that is HUGE !
and it taste SUPERB.
I like the Bolognese, the BEST Bolognese I've ever tasted

and Lam's huge Coke float
he didn't manage to finish it
too much for him.
So I finished it for him.

Overall, it's goood !!
4 over 5 for it!
definately will come back and try the dessert !
arghhh. how could I MISSED THAT !

and recommend this restaurant to other people.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Last Dinner

I had my last dinner in Penang with Patrick and Chun Hun at Korean Palace.
after sending Weng Liang off to air port
cuz his holiday is gonna end so he had to go back to Sarawak
poor thing, what a short holiday he had.

I look funny
but I like it

Chun Hun took these with my phone
so these are all I got

At first , mum told me that she and dad will have to attend a wedding dinner
on the same day.
so I promised Chun Hun to have dinner with him and Pat
but then mum cancelled and is not goin to the dinner, and she didn't tell me
she was expecting that we'll have a nice family day for my last day
. not until I told her that I'm goin out again.
and she said have u seen the astro commercial ?
the one that parents waited their son to come back just to give him drink a soup.

I was like OMFG !!!
but den still...

ps: I did drink a lot of soup that u made during the holiday.