Saturday, September 18, 2010

New York New York Deli !

New York New York Deli @ 1 Utama

I saw this nice and cool restaurant every time
when I passed by to/from the bus terminal at One U
and I told myself that DEFINATELY I will go and try it !

it's sooo niceee.
full of description and nice design.
I like it.

Wu Wu
It said "Super Sinful" nxt to the price of
Ultra-Rich Chocolate Velvet
I like that
Sinful mortal eats Sinful food
so, I ordered it.

they put "Super Sinful" as like somekind of their restaurant recommendation
I guess maybe it's too nice until it makes u eat it non-stop & fat

My Latino Chicken Chop
Recommended by the waiter

Here's my Sinful Ultra-Rich Chocolate Velvet.
with marshmallow on top

Lam ordered Meat Balls Bolognese Spaghetti
Now that is HUGE !
and it taste SUPERB.
I like the Bolognese, the BEST Bolognese I've ever tasted

and Lam's huge Coke float
he didn't manage to finish it
too much for him.
So I finished it for him.

Overall, it's goood !!
4 over 5 for it!
definately will come back and try the dessert !
arghhh. how could I MISSED THAT !

and recommend this restaurant to other people.

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