Thursday, September 30, 2010

the Bee

Theoretical exam was ok, though I finished it in within 30 minutes .
though I found out there are several wrong answers after discussed with classmate.

after that, we went Jaya One for lunch
as I promised Carin and PJ yesterday
Louie tagged along too.
We were planning to go to Sushi King at first
but then eventually we've decided to eat at the Bee

the bar


the promotions

he's actually holding a cigarette on the other hand
wanted to show a nice guy image
so he wont show it.

Louie's Double Latte and Red Velvet Cake

My big coke and PJ's ice water
my coke is complimentary with the order of my meal
one of their promotion.

My Australia Burger.
recommended by waitress
I was like "hm~hmm~~"
I can see angel is waving his hand to me
the cheese was melted into the beef ham
maybe I was too hungry.
but still, I think it's AWESOME !!

and students get 10% off of total bill
free drinks + 10% off

and Lastly,

try to guess where it is.
it's in the gent's toilet
it's the place that where we always pee on the wall
but this one is pee on that GLASS !
and there is water coming out from the top of the glass .
I was shocked when I saw someone was pee-ing on some glass fence
it's too beautiful to pee on it

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