Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I went back to Cheras last Friday
to take my agreement that Patrick has sent to uncle's house
Theng picked me up as soon as she finished her class
As she reached my place, she asked me to drive instead
cuz it's a traffic jam time and she was exhausted
So, as a decent and sweet biao ge.
how could I ever reject my adorable cousin.

Well, the end of crap.

here's the main point

Uncle brought us to Xenri
They have two branches
one is at Old Klang Road , another one is at Menara Hup Seng , Imbi
we went to Imbi one.

Standard Charted Bank has sent him a SMS
that there's a promotion for Standard Charted Credit Card of 50% off having Japanese buffet at there
so drop from rm 68 per person
until rm 30 somethin person.

our room
with a great garden view

the garden view

the adorable one.

the dessert corner
sorry that I didn't took other food photo
too busy to take the food.

These are my first round

I made this by myself
greentea ice cream + mochi + red bean topping + nut
inspired by sushi king dessert.

views from garden

we all were bloated !
and that's the best thing of having buffet.
Click HERE for more information.

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