Friday, October 29, 2010

The Last Polka

Went to The Bee again
Which I've posted about this little nice restaurant before in my my blog
(click here for the previous post)
invited by Miss Carin
cuz she said this time she wanna try the burger
and I was wandering around to find some special snack food or side food
eventually I saw this ice -cream.

and googled it.
Apparently it's a local brand homemade ice-cream
made with 100% natural ingredients

So I've decided to giv it a shot
ordered this flavour,
Malt & Peanut Butter
sorry for dunno how to describe it.
though is fattening , qoute from miss Carin
haha. XD
but this shit is worth for fattening and open your wallet to buy it.

Click THE LAST POLKA for the official website, and you can order online too
Click HERE for the other food blogger's website
see how they introduce it
with photos

there are things to note here
they have these awesome flavours too:
Guinness, Nutella aand Teh Tarik

LITERALLY these flavours

I wanted to order Guinness for the god damn definately !
but too bad that it's olrdy sold out.
I guess it's just bad luck.
next time then.

Patrick and Weng Kit, we should try it next time !

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