Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aidan Davis

Personal Favourite in Britains Got Talent
adorable and cool !
I'll call him little J.Timberlake.

too bad his performance at final ain't that good enuf
as this one.
well. only 24 hours to prepare.
wat to do ler.
thus he's only 12 years old.

Winner of Britains Got Talent.


Susan Boyle got 2nd nia
in the show .

No Music No Life

Venue : CLHS hall
Time : 6.30 pm
Date : 30th May



全场的一些高潮s :


Danzity 的跳舞表演。

还有Peanutz .
Noi 打鼓太帅了!


mikeal,marcus, me, thirteen


Thursday, May 28, 2009

bow down to the queen

(photo from PerezHilton )

Lady Gaga in Rolling Stone's issue

Hot Hot Hot Hot !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gaga with the poker.

Armani Code Casino Edition.

ofcourse wit the pokers. =)

a year ago.
I asked Owen to get me this for me.
after that, I called Giorgio Armani Beauty Counter in KLCC
to ask either they hav it or not.
and the sales gav me the disappointment.
"I don't think we hav this kind of product."
Big hello to him , it's on GA website.
how come u dun hav it !

after that I told him no need to get it liao in msn.
but he said: " Really? but I bought it olrdy"

a halo light is shooting on me from my ceiling suddenly.
the sun is shining for me.

and granny brought it back together from NZ.

show u guys the normal edition one.

isn't it great?


big Thank you to Owen.
and granny too.

ps : not showing off, juz wana share my happiness.

pps:FYI, Code once was the male's perfume of the year. =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yi-ta-da-ki-mas !!

see the THICKNESS and COLOUR !
compare to Sushi King's .

I mean who hates Sashimi?
If u does, pls giv me urs.

ps: thx to granny brought it back from NZ.
thx to 小叔 and 小姑 bought it for us.

pps: I still hav two and the half pack of it. XD

Crepe Cottage

planned to go Sire Museum or Ecco Cafe.
next two targets
in my food hunt list.
but apparently both of them CLOSED at sunday
the peak day of the week for restaurant.
the most ppl free enuf to go out eat.
the family day of the week.
and they CLOSED !
tiao ke !

after wandering around.
end up to Crepe Cottage.

Kaysen said Saix recommended and I rmb Hoay recommended to me too.

juz right nxt to Coffee Island nia.

finally ,a good photo of mine.

Kay Sen's Mickey Mouse (rm8)

My Citron Presse (rm5.50)

Homemade Tomota Soup (rm6)

Kay Sen's Beef it up! (rm 16)
he ordered medium rare*

My Beef Double Decker Cheese With Salsa Sauce
I ordered medium rare too*

our dessert

Fresh Lychee & Strawberry Crepe (rm15)

not canned one, purely fresh

lol. the waiter emphasized it to us.

all the meals are like under rm20.

my double decker is the most expensive one. =)

it's reali cheap.

and as u can see, it's a small business for them

therefore, there are NO TAXES !

which please most of us. +)

Kay Sen kept took the photo wit his mighty Sony Alpha Flash.

like having the meal under a thunder storm aneh.

other customers were staring at us .. XD

Kay Sen paid the bill. He promised to treat me eh.

haha . Thank you !

enjoyed my food hunt and the treat .


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seperated At Birth

Histler's Mother.

Beng Im's Son.

Potraited by Weng Kit


Friday, May 22, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Love their act and plot.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ha ! Call me gypsy wizard !


HA !!!
I have the mighty crystal fortune ball.
come find me for 4D number nxt time.

as u guys noe. not juz onli the US.
probably whole world is discussing abt it.
most of the ppl feel Adam should get the tittle.

some even claim that bcuz he's gay
which is that he din deny and din admit too.
and that's why he lose.

frankly . for me , this season ain't good enough.
compare to the previous season.
I don't get the TOUCHED or "OMG, I WANA CRY TOO" feeling.
and the idol winning song even worse !

Christopher even asked me dun be disappointed
b4 I watch the performance last nite.
yes, I do. zz

I love David Cook's "The Time of My Life"
and Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" the FUCKING most !!

btw David Cook even vocally better than both Adam & Kris
not to mention Kelly Clarkson, the best idol ever.

yes, no doubt Adam could do the high pitch.
but that's a screaming . not singing . for me!
see how
Kelly Clarkson
or Carrie Underwood
or Jennifer Hudson
or Chris Daughtry
or David Cook
or Elliot Yamin
does their high pitch singing beautifully .
despite Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson did not won the title.

and as for Kris.
u can see how he sang the idol wining song - No Boundaries.
and u'll noe wat I meant

u'll say why I support Kris and still saying he's not good enough
well.. who cares I juz simply love Kris compare to Adam
call me shallow or watever. XD

btw, someone sure gonna sign Adam up as artist.
dun worry Adam's fans

Monday, May 18, 2009

1st day of 19.

16th May
went to Tambun
Wei wei drove us dere
without license
cuz he's not legal to hav one yet.
and lap until 120km/h.

thx to Mr-GPS-GoogleMap, Daniel's direction
we got into some seafood restaurant

xiong. weng kit. kit's sis, sinhee. yao

hungry pat . papa han ordering drinks.

wei wei. dan. xiong.

ngm zai kio hamik ki liao.

虾姑 aka 濑尿虾

balitong. Pat's favourite.
balitong eat shit one, my dear.

yet. another Pat's favourite.
fried sotong.
kept nagging us abt it like kids when we order dishes.



Pat: shh.. he still dunno yet.
Wei: =3
Han is texting to wendy.

everyone : Happy Birthday to you ~
Han : OMEG, I cant believe u guys did this for me.

Pat : My dear , u're older now.
I'm so gonna cry now.

Pat: come on, giv me a big hug.
Han: get off , drama guy.


then we went back to the island
Shenanigans .
the next stop

my 1st ever Kilkenny.

ps: last year of being -teen . =(

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kris Allen !

I have watched american idol
ever since form 3 ,season 4
I think.

and my prediction on idols are like
well.. call me fortune crystal ball please.
all are atleast top 2

2005 - Carrie Underwood ( won )
2006 - Katherine Mcphee ( 2nd )
2007 - Jordin Sparks ( won again! )
2008 - Missed it . due to the stupid NS
2009 - Kris Allen ( Top 2 !)

he and his wife
knew each ever since childhood.
quote from chris*

Love his version of "Heartless" from Kanye West.
as Randy said. it's better than Kanye West version.

but all the prediction and everyone are looking forward on Adam Lambert .
even Katy Perry wore the small cape
that Adam Lambert's name is on it during the performance !

also said Adam will win too.

ahh ~

(finger crossed*)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saturday Night Live x Justin Timberlake

Justin is wearing heels !
dancing wit Beyonce
for the MV

I could be ur step father.
LOLorgasm !

sorry that I couldn't get the original video.
due to the copyright reason.

this one too

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


S.M.A.P.'s CM

finally found it after a year.
rm 2 somethin.
not that expensive as I expected.