Monday, May 18, 2009

1st day of 19.

16th May
went to Tambun
Wei wei drove us dere
without license
cuz he's not legal to hav one yet.
and lap until 120km/h.

thx to Mr-GPS-GoogleMap, Daniel's direction
we got into some seafood restaurant

xiong. weng kit. kit's sis, sinhee. yao

hungry pat . papa han ordering drinks.

wei wei. dan. xiong.

ngm zai kio hamik ki liao.

虾姑 aka 濑尿虾

balitong. Pat's favourite.
balitong eat shit one, my dear.

yet. another Pat's favourite.
fried sotong.
kept nagging us abt it like kids when we order dishes.



Pat: shh.. he still dunno yet.
Wei: =3
Han is texting to wendy.

everyone : Happy Birthday to you ~
Han : OMEG, I cant believe u guys did this for me.

Pat : My dear , u're older now.
I'm so gonna cry now.

Pat: come on, giv me a big hug.
Han: get off , drama guy.


then we went back to the island
Shenanigans .
the next stop

my 1st ever Kilkenny.

ps: last year of being -teen . =(


khor jiexun said...

oh shit i miss sea food.
anyway, happy belated bird-day. haha.
and i apologize for being late. =p its kind of insane here. =D

luyi said...

It's SHENANIGANS . and kilkenny is nice !