Friday, May 15, 2009

Kris Allen !

I have watched american idol
ever since form 3 ,season 4
I think.

and my prediction on idols are like
well.. call me fortune crystal ball please.
all are atleast top 2

2005 - Carrie Underwood ( won )
2006 - Katherine Mcphee ( 2nd )
2007 - Jordin Sparks ( won again! )
2008 - Missed it . due to the stupid NS
2009 - Kris Allen ( Top 2 !)

he and his wife
knew each ever since childhood.
quote from chris*

Love his version of "Heartless" from Kanye West.
as Randy said. it's better than Kanye West version.

but all the prediction and everyone are looking forward on Adam Lambert .
even Katy Perry wore the small cape
that Adam Lambert's name is on it during the performance !

also said Adam will win too.

ahh ~

(finger crossed*)

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