Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the claws.

finally !
the animation that I've been watching
ever since I was little.
argued wit friends abt my favourite character is better than he's.
and the movie that I've been waiting
ever since December !

the favourite and excitement :

played by Taylor Krischi.

I hav three favourites in x-men:
Storm, Jean and GAMBIT !
and I take my words back that I dislike Taylor play as Gambit.
juz pls nxt time cut ur hair short.
my gambit is short hair eh

the unexpected yet thrilled :

Wraith / Krestel
played by WILL.I.AM from Black Eye Peas


Agent Zero
played by DANIEL HENNEY !!!!

for those who dunno who he is.
he's huge-superstar in south korea.

Lynn Collins as Silver Fox


I can't believe that there are some ppl sleeping at the theatre
for those who are,
what a pathetic childhood u guys had.
probably too poor to own a TV or comics ?

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