Monday, May 25, 2009

Crepe Cottage

planned to go Sire Museum or Ecco Cafe.
next two targets
in my food hunt list.
but apparently both of them CLOSED at sunday
the peak day of the week for restaurant.
the most ppl free enuf to go out eat.
the family day of the week.
and they CLOSED !
tiao ke !

after wandering around.
end up to Crepe Cottage.

Kaysen said Saix recommended and I rmb Hoay recommended to me too.

juz right nxt to Coffee Island nia.

finally ,a good photo of mine.

Kay Sen's Mickey Mouse (rm8)

My Citron Presse (rm5.50)

Homemade Tomota Soup (rm6)

Kay Sen's Beef it up! (rm 16)
he ordered medium rare*

My Beef Double Decker Cheese With Salsa Sauce
I ordered medium rare too*

our dessert

Fresh Lychee & Strawberry Crepe (rm15)

not canned one, purely fresh

lol. the waiter emphasized it to us.

all the meals are like under rm20.

my double decker is the most expensive one. =)

it's reali cheap.

and as u can see, it's a small business for them

therefore, there are NO TAXES !

which please most of us. +)

Kay Sen kept took the photo wit his mighty Sony Alpha Flash.

like having the meal under a thunder storm aneh.

other customers were staring at us .. XD

Kay Sen paid the bill. He promised to treat me eh.

haha . Thank you !

enjoyed my food hunt and the treat .


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