Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ha ! Call me gypsy wizard !


HA !!!
I have the mighty crystal fortune ball.
come find me for 4D number nxt time.

as u guys noe. not juz onli the US.
probably whole world is discussing abt it.
most of the ppl feel Adam should get the tittle.

some even claim that bcuz he's gay
which is that he din deny and din admit too.
and that's why he lose.

frankly . for me , this season ain't good enough.
compare to the previous season.
I don't get the TOUCHED or "OMG, I WANA CRY TOO" feeling.
and the idol winning song even worse !

Christopher even asked me dun be disappointed
b4 I watch the performance last nite.
yes, I do. zz

I love David Cook's "The Time of My Life"
and Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" the FUCKING most !!

btw David Cook even vocally better than both Adam & Kris
not to mention Kelly Clarkson, the best idol ever.

yes, no doubt Adam could do the high pitch.
but that's a screaming . not singing . for me!
see how
Kelly Clarkson
or Carrie Underwood
or Jennifer Hudson
or Chris Daughtry
or David Cook
or Elliot Yamin
does their high pitch singing beautifully .
despite Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson did not won the title.

and as for Kris.
u can see how he sang the idol wining song - No Boundaries.
and u'll noe wat I meant

u'll say why I support Kris and still saying he's not good enough
well.. who cares I juz simply love Kris compare to Adam
call me shallow or watever. XD

btw, someone sure gonna sign Adam up as artist.
dun worry Adam's fans

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