Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gaga with the poker.

Armani Code Casino Edition.

ofcourse wit the pokers. =)

a year ago.
I asked Owen to get me this for me.
after that, I called Giorgio Armani Beauty Counter in KLCC
to ask either they hav it or not.
and the sales gav me the disappointment.
"I don't think we hav this kind of product."
Big hello to him , it's on GA website.
how come u dun hav it !

after that I told him no need to get it liao in msn.
but he said: " Really? but I bought it olrdy"

a halo light is shooting on me from my ceiling suddenly.
the sun is shining for me.

and granny brought it back together from NZ.

show u guys the normal edition one.

isn't it great?


big Thank you to Owen.
and granny too.

ps : not showing off, juz wana share my happiness.

pps:FYI, Code once was the male's perfume of the year. =)

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jennytee said...

love it! so cool with the pokers! =D