Monday, August 31, 2009

J X W wet party.

Was being late to the party
cuz I need to attend the eldest of our family, Granny's birthday celebration.
reached Jon's house around 9
but still I'm earlier than Benjoon them.

the King, Jon

Jia Yik was setting up the fire.

Girls at the dance floor.

Yong Kai

the Queen of the day, Wendy.



homemade kebab.

didn't eat that much at the party.
stomach was fulled at granny's birthday celebration.

mahjong crave at the party.
cuz Jon finally knew how to play it
but still he's a beginner. XD
cha la.

oh ya Jon.
thx for the LAYS
that you brought all the way from Bangkok.

group pictures before the WAR starts.

after that ,it's cake time.
Jon and some of the guys were putting cake on chair in the middle of garden
and asking everybody come around ,sing birthday song etc.
well, none of us did.
with our human-nature-born-dangerous-awareness-instinct
everyone was standing hell away from the cake
especially the girls .
and singing the birthday song.
Jon was like:"Cannot , everyone gather here around."
and still none of us did it.
and den..

everyone is wet beside Jie Yong and Jeressa.

no silly photos of us were taken because Saix were back .
thx god !

The end.

Happy Birthday Jonathan and Wendy !

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