Sunday, December 14, 2008


If u guys are searching a hidden,peace & a nice cafe
this is the place to be recommend

read it from the newspaper
but i dunno wer's the location
after months, finally knew it.
new world park nearby

the founder is an Indonesian
which had travelled through most of the western country
wit bicycle .
i think.. cuz the article said so. XD
and that's y u can see there are some bic inside.
and his 招牌 is home made tiramisu.
which is the recipe that he learnt it from some euro village old lady
again.. info from the article.

and SO. . y not?

eager Pat's hand is blocking the view

here's the tiramisu(rm7.80)
u noe the feeling of 入口即化?
that's how i describe the taste
and beside the cake is the siTigun ice blended coffee(rm3.80).
ain't BEER
well, that doesnt taste like ice blended for me.
cuz the ice blended is damn softy ! juz like water !
ain't metaphor ! trust me

and the enviroment :

little pond inside the cafe.

the place they keep their coffee bean

the counter
sry for the blur-ish .

conclusion : nice enviroment


nxt time,can u switch on the sound for ur plasma tv.
cuz we reali wanna watch the movie.

damn heavy accent u hav.XD juz kidding

and sry for not giving tips
blame Pat la. XDD

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