Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part III & Home Sweet Home !

Thursday (Christmas) :

finally. behold(for me..XD) PAVILION.

and the 1st thing is EAT
cuz both of us woke up kinda late.
den went into some thai restaurant name Rain Nudle House

my pineapple fried rice.

I wonder that they hav to cut a new pineapple to serve wit the rice
for every single order that customer made?
and that will be like abt 30 pineapples per-day ?

and this is theng's tomyam bihun
look how big the bowl is. compare to the coke can.

and we met two local celebrities , KK (988 DJ) & 钟盛忠(singer)
oh ya I also terlanggar the miss astro 2007 when I was in KLCC
oh well. still dunno who she is. xD

afterwards ,
MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee
MOF has already established itself in Singapore a couple of years back.
And now, MOF is bringing Malaysians the chance to savor the healthy authentic Japanese sweets and coffee right here .
There are a variety of sweets and desserts to choose from
no flavouring & bla bla bla. totally 'organic' ice-cream . I guess

softy ice-cream and it's kinda full

and then went to starhill gallery
owhh.. wait wait. one more for Hoay

another favourite of urs

haha. headed back to pavilion again. waiting uncle to pick us up.


uncle brought all of us to eat some steamboat.
as our Christmas Dinner XD

Me & Tammy. eating crab
dirty hand.

Jasper Toh. camwhore

Aunt and uncle.

Friday :
Finally , it's time to go home
the bus depart at 3 pm
click the name if u are interested

while I was waiting the bus come
a cup of coffee or tea for free in the hotel cafe

my ever 1st time aboard a double decker bus.

SUBWAY burger - free meal again



mini table and the free hot beverage

lounge & toilet at downstairs

reached Penang 8 pm
Home Sweet Home !

and these are gonna add into my wardrobe
I love Christmas.
I mean , who hates Christmas ?
everyone loves it.

I wanna thx uncle , aunt , tammy , jasper, kenneth , nike
and especially my beloved & precious theng !
I noe u hav been exhausted for keep hanging out wit me all along.
haha . thx ya all.
there's no such happy Christmas holiday without u all

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