Sunday, June 22, 2008

21/07/08 - 22/07/08

A week passed again. After days of working,
RELAX is always needed.
Called some buddies
Oon, zheng ying & chin heng (he’s back to Penang for two days)
miss the buddies so much !
wuhuu~ so good to meet them back.

Me and zhen ying

Went to watch GET SMART!
Saw the trailer was funny & ANNE is part of the movie. YEAHH !


Love her since princess diary, devil’s wear prada & brokeback mountain
And LOVE her even more after the movie
She’s is BLOODY HOT and SEXY.
Finish the movie at 2 sumthin.
Mr oon dropped me back home.
Thx for the ride men, really appreciate it. HUGIEX ~ XD





Woke up by mum at 7 sumthin.
I wanna sleep la.
But the whole family hav to go to cemetery.
for praying on my grandparent’s tomb to make whole things ONG.
K the main point is, my grandparent IS NOT DEAD YET!!
They were leading us for the whole praying process for THEIR OWN TOMB!!
Mum said is Chinese traditional, and I was like HUH?!?!?! Wat kind of traditional is this.
Can sum1 tell me is there reali got this kind of traditional ?
I nvr ever heard it b4 for the pass 18 years.
And praying ur grave? I couldn’t image my grandparent’s feeling.

Grandparent’s tomb, cost rm 30k(information from granny, EXPENSIVE lo)

And one more thing after I checked the whole tomb more precise.

Han is
Wat the Hell ! 此函非涵也!!!

So granny asked the 庙祝(I dunno the proper name of that job)to change it.

but i dun think will be nice as the new one
cuz the tomb is done!
it is impossible to pull the rock out and carve a new one right?
coussy said y dun juz carve an arrow at the btm den carve the three dots at the top,
juz like wat we always did for correction in exercise book .
not funny coussy. XD

Afterward , headed to Sg Ara for DIM SUM.
One of my to-eat list that I was planned after the NS

Yummy排骨,烧卖 and more~

And grandpa let me drove his latest Toyota RUSH, yeahoo~

*(grandpa’s RUSH is gold colour)

But still prefer my 小银(Toyota Unser)
more powerful than RUSH even
小银 is olrdy 6 years old. Haha.
小银 is 1.8, more powerful than RUSH 1.5 for sure.

Mum made something again.
Hoho, the whole family is talented to be chef and baker. Haha.

Roti Paratha Puff, Homemade by mum

Satisfying .

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