Sunday, June 8, 2008


Suppose to be hangin out wit oon and TY before TY heading back to KL.
but since oon do not hav transport
we have to cancel it.
the mood was totally crushed.

After i finished my shower.
Suddenly , a mosquito was inside in my room.
Opps , it was my phone ring tone
and supriselly is MR TIONG LIE.
inviting me out to new world old town.
I said yes without 2nd thought.
Cuz is a Reunion for me with my old friend.

pat & me

wei & jian liang & tiong lie

after having some gossip and chit chat.
I was starring at outside dere.

'L' and Misa from death note?

Is dere a cosplay competition nearby?
oh well, if it does, i think they definitely will lose in 1st round.
Cuz their cosplay SUX!!!!

'Sorry, we are goin to close now.'
said by the waitress in Old Town with a un-polite face.
afterward we all headed to Batu Ferringhi

a pub or bistro nxt to Sunset Bistro.

the crystal ball.

the bar.

me & heineken.

pengzhai ordered a things
called sisha
flavoured smoke without nicotine
I tried .
is cold and no orange flavour for me.
LOL, maybe cuz im not a smoker ! XD


Me and Pat was playing with luyi's camera.
here's our snap shot:

leg & ma flip-flop.

feels good to put legs into the sand.

Finish with beach,
Back to home at 3.30 am
Thx to tiong lie, only u can show us how does the heaven gate door looks like.

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