Friday, August 1, 2008

i-Dance campaign

i-Dance Campaign
Venue : New World Park
Time : 8 pm
Date : 1-8-08

Outgoin Sko & Daniel..
Scolded me that i always reject their invite..
and i do compromise sometime!
XD.. haha.

Aik tatt, Hang, and ah Beh were performing

It was a huge group performing

den next section..
solo dance for who ever that wanna release their stress
or dunno wat the hell shame it is,if u dunno how to dance
or show how no tame u are
go ahead..debut urself

here's an example:

Presented by aussie dragon boat team member
Mr Fit

despite the no tame
a muscular men dancing so 'pussycatdoll-ly' or 'britney-ly'
gosh.. gay and yucks..
but kinda high too.. wuhuu... =D

end up wit STARBUCK spokesperson wannabe, Pat
ps: Im still waiting ur treat , Pat.. xs

Lastly.. sorry for my low quality video and photo due to my low quality camera phone..
saving money for camera~

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