Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Night

Went to BED

Kay Sen
as the driver of us as usual

was playing wit his new wife, Sony Alpha 200

Zhen , Pat


Pirated pose ..
u noe wat i mean, right?

Watch his desperately eye
'You gonna love me..'
'love me.. open the deepest inside of ur heart'
'im the onli one who could satisfy ur demand'

awful things happened eventually
ape and undentified object showed up
and unfortunately kaysen hav to leave earlier due to the emergency

nxt stop, Danny's house

Me . and the little cute Isaac.

was playing Chor Dai Di at first
but we turned it into another card game name Bluff
hoho.. physcology war
and lying is immoral
tsk tsk tsk tsk

and the climax is here ,people
see wat Isaac hav done to Marcus.

Little Isaac was going wild and fucking Marcus!
not to mention we managed to video it when Isaac is fucking Marcus the 3rd time
dun ask me why.. cuz none of us noe it
probably the femenine hormone? XD
Freaked us out !

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