Sunday, August 10, 2008



watched it today.
luckily we chose it instead of X-files ! xp, Pat
couldnt describe it cuz is kinda hard and full of formula and numbers ..
watch it.. not sleazy as u think.. haha..

juz wanna inform u guys that if u all wanna watch movie in GP GSC .
a GIRL staff in GSC ! name CHIN .
read and rmb it
beware of this moron !

this is how the BLAZING ROW happen :

chin : 'hello, wat movie are u gonna watch?'

han : ' aiya , si liao.. wa beh ki ai kua hamik hi ki liao'

cuz i was fooling around wit luyi & pat

chin : ' wa lang jit peng boh si eh hi ho lu kua '

me and Pat were like... WAT THE FUCK .. staring at her..

han : ' 21 '

Pat is still staring at her.. and so do i..

chin : ' how many person ?' ( with a impolite face and nasty voice)

han : ' four '

den i was talking wit Pat and i tot she heard i said 4

chin : ' kameh ! how many person !'

han shouted : ' I SAID four , lu tia boh eh meh ! '

chin : ' kong ua kong ka tua sia la .. ta poh mai ko ua siang ka za boh aneh xe xe sia '

(talk louder.. men dont talk soft like a girl does)

Pat shouted in a fury : ' ho chio .. lu zho hamik zha boh.. zho ka aneh pua keh tua sia '
(funny.. wat kind of girl are u.. totally dun hav any integrity at all and shout)

chin : ' ai si wa boh pua keh , lu lang mana tia eh tiok wa kong ua '
( if i dont do like that.. u all wont listen to me)

chin gave us the tickets afterwards..
and Pat took it and said: ' wah lu eh ang kong hu aneh ho liao ar '
den walked away
cuz she was wearing a stupid huge doll on her chest
and chin did the lala's 招牌动作 --- 'V' hand , peace .... OMG !

and i dunno Pat took the tickets away
so i was standing dere for the tickets..

chin : ' lu ka meh siam la .. siam siam siam..'

den onli i knew that Pat was holding the tickets and walked away



ps: Happy Birthday Jie Xun !

him. wit his bday card.

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