Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Old School

went to TARC back to 60s odyssey nite.
the nite was reali 百花齐放
i meant it !
seriously 百花齐放

Due to the imperfect camera system in my phone.
so i din took any of it.
but adrian and luyi did ... and a lot too..

lazie to write wat was happening that nite.
juz wanna giv some comments for the following fellas :

Ting Ern ~ u reali did 'well' on ur custome. Kinda make us like.. LOL ..especially luyi..pls try to comfort him when u meet him nxt time if u are reading this..XD....oh well.. since it is back to 60s .. u reali deserve to hav the honour of BEST CUSTOME.
ps:how many hair gel did u use it on ur hair? jk jk =)

Candidate F5 Smelly Legs~ 别以为你可以靠那海拔不到4cm得'峡谷'就能掩饰你的烂舞技..opps..是烂摆动..而且也不可能满足到欲望的孽子们的.

Candidate M5 Skinny Jeans~ wat is the f*cking storyline are u trying to tell in ur talent show?

Candidate T2 ~ ok ! i hav to admit u sang the 伤口上撒盐 quite well .. but still 阿妹 sing it way more better.. haha..

Candidate T3 二胡佬 aka 超老脸 ~ U DON'T DESERVE IT !!! none of the audience were happy when u r bragging ur 'glory' to us .. not to mention the 'BUU~~~~' from the audience.. 你这个不知道大象长什么的人

Luyi ~ teach me how to wrap ur hair wit towel like that ler..

Thirteen, Qi Hwa ~ New friend... oneh-gai-si-mash!

Shao Yao ~ =.= ... u did freak me out..

Candidate F2 June ~ one and the only female candidate that I like... deserve to be prom queen.

Adrian ~ Thx for helping and teaching me conquer jui ti lo .. XD

小银 ~ Thx for conquering jui ti lo along wit me.. haha..

Aik Tatt ~ u r the one of the reason that i came for... u tried ur best, Mr Photogenic ...and thx for the ticket !

Mr. Photogenic, Aik Tatt

~ Dun hunchback la..dun cry la

Pat ~ Pls iron ur shirt nxt time

Beh & Jue Hang ~ Love the performance.. all of us were enjoy when u guys performing....but obviously the 二胡佬 is having affair wit the teacher..no offence and apparently , is all set ! ...Quoted from Pat,political issues....nevermind.... U all r the TALENT KING for us !



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