Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday 12/7/08

After a week & 1 day & 13 hours 33 minutes & 40 sec
I went out
out of the 'cage'
and since is a holiday, so y not?

Our 车神 - mr Tiong Lie

went to fetch Luyi
wit a stimmy face, juz woke up den catched us up
watched too much japan series , haha
and Pat too.

lunch at New World Park
cuz mr Lie did not hav any lunch yet

Mr Lie and me
he's having his favourite 酿豆腐


we were undecisive of where to go after lunch
So,headed to Popular at Gurney Plaza 1st
Lie wanna find some automotive book for his studies
but it is not a very common book
so there were we, nxt destination to search
MPH Bookstore
met Pat's friend

Patrick & S.F.F.

Me , Patrick & S.F.F

too happy and barely cry?

but Lie end up with none apparently
cuz there was no the book that he is searching for

Den we did some window shopping
cuz nowdays money keep flew away without notice
probably we all spent it on petrol? ha~
walk & walk & walk
till the entrance nxt to secret recipe
I was distracted by a pair of Sharp Blue Nike shoes
while we all were waiting for Pat to ATM
and I wanna see who is the fucking guy wore it
when I looked up

ok .. 1..2...3... AHHHH ~~~
I was stunned
am I dreaming?
so I looked more precisely
and he SMILED TO ME !!!!!
OMG , I'm not dreaming !!!
he is walking with his manager along at the gurney place
surprisingly, there's no crowd or whole bunch of fans surrounding him
wonder y? dun ask me.. cuz i dunno too
oh well, WHO CARES !
I quickly rush to him without 2nd thought
wanna take photo wit him
I mean that's the 1st thing we would do if we meet any celebrity right?
but stupid manager stop it with the consciously face..
argh!!!!!!! SI TUA PUI PO!!!!!
is it fat , short and female is the minimum requirement to be a manager?
but YOGA aka 林宥嘉 said thx to me and SHAKED MY HAND
Maybe bcuz of my disappointed and poorly face?
haha ..
For those who went to 988 live concert at AUTO CITY
I won ! hoho . I touched him ! and I still can feel his warm until nw!
wat did u guys hav? listen to his singing? SO??
opps.. sorry.. Im juz too happy..
Anyway my nxt target is Beyonce ..
My Diva
haha.. sounds impossible .. (=.=)

6.00 pm Dinner ~
insisted by Lie that we muz reach there earlier
If not , there will be full later
So , Ah Jui Kopitiam ( in front of the Myth saloon)

fish fish fish ...

Aw ~ dun u guys think this is lovely?
husband and wife choosing the fish for dinner
Sweet ~~

suddenly a muscular bad guy appeared.
I do look muscular from the back .. haha ..=D


Addicted to phone game

Sorry we din took any photo of our food
cuz our appetites are like monster.
and Pat was enjoying his Balitong
and he does hav the skill of sucking out the Balitong
He is SUCKER !!!
hoho , xoxo
PS : Pat, Balitong eat shit . which means u r eating shit too
finished our delightful dinner
satisfied and full~

Thx to Ah Jui Kopitiam 店花 good service
haha, ignore the shark pls
alious amigos

Next stop , 垄尾 McD
chor-tai-de again!

no comment, nice try for a cute pose. =S

planning .. hmm..

called Mr Beh
miss him so much !
haven met him for 4 months
and he was celebrating Jue Hang bday at Jemputree
so we all FIU ~~~ again
to Jemputree
Let the pictures SPEAK :

Birthday Boy - Jue Hang
Happy Birthday


Tarc Prom King ?
zz.. I hate to say that

PAT !!!

Pat appeared with the jealousy
XD hahaha

the Girls

Back to home afterward.
Tired but happy day

Conclusion of the day:
-Love Luyi's camera so much.. My face does not hav any pimples in the pic ...
-Is always good to meet old friends back
-Thx ya Mr. Tiong Lie, men .. i reali appreciate it ! no u = no today.

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