Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick

went to auto city for St. Patrick
In case for those who dunno what the hell St. Patrick is
click St. Patrick.

well. was kinda excited for it
it's a kinda huge celebration event for other country
not juz only WESTERN . the ASIAN country too!

but hor.
penang lang eh 'sui kuan' lo!
"everybody giv me ur hands up. owh !" said by the MC,performer & DJ
everybody are standing still.
and no ppl are dancing during the DJ perform except us and some kids. =D

sorry that there's no photo in this post.
due to the craziness , Black-Label & self-aware-less.
we din't manage to take any photo.

and for the safety's sake, GLAD that I did good in self-control !

醉可爱奖 - 俊翰

pps: 姐姐, 我是玩得起的可爱弟弟。 =)

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yun said...

pps: 姐姐, 我是玩得起的可爱弟弟。 =)

The "Jie Jie" is refering to who??
Izzit that person you get beaten from? mm??