Wednesday, March 18, 2009


photo during St.Patrick event at auto-city.

blurish photo,but I'm the onli one clear.

means I'm the onli one normal..

others are like dancing & drunk like there's no tomorrow. haha.

btw. I'm currently exhausted.

keep saving all the toyota corola altis WHOLE repair manual from the web for dad.

including the wiring circuits

from 10am morning until now.

and YET , it's onli half of it
my lens are dry!

curi blogin while dad is at outside replacing the water-pump

thus, my own pc cannot on9 too.

oh ya. I juz saw this

New HP mini 1000 notebook

designed by Vivienne Tam

looks good as a purse or sumthin.

but notebook. zzz.

ps: I miss my flower four episode 20th. =(

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