Thursday, March 12, 2009


Shell gav us the lastest free gifts
for the customer who came for engine oil replacement.

a PUMA gymnasium bag

a PUMA wallet

I can keep it all for myself too.
advantages of 太子爷
juz like what dad used to said
when I was little , I was nagging my parent to buy me the toys
dad always said :
"ki zho lang eh kia la.."
"lu tok eh sai gia ka liao lai yi liao"

but the gifts is kinda hideous for me.
at least it's better than the last one
the whole cartoon network things.
at least it's PUMA right?
good for customer .

haha.. competitive business world ..
Looking forward for GAP next time
pleaseeeeee... uncle jimmy?

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Sean said...

omg...the puma..........