Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recipe Day 2

today recipe is
yes.. u hav to cook the rice 1st..
and make sure that it is japanese rice..
and we did put some
japanese flavour or spice thingy
dunno wat is it called as..

rice in rice cooker ~

den 1st i wanna make is sushi..

1st , a piece of seaweed as usual.

and add some rice. not too much. not too little. and not too thick !
or else the rice will split it out when u roll it

SEE ? this is a good one.
call me a sushi pro roller

and then the cook in the house, mum showed us how to cut it.
see mum is even wearing a SUMO pattern T
and tadah ~
the sushi is formed !

and due to im the one who is 捏-ing 饭团
so i couldnt show how i 捏 it.


it's simple
is juz like how u play the play-doll
keep press or pull or squeeze or watever
juz make it shape

and due to my creativity imagination
i do make other shape of 饭团 instead of tradisional triangle shape too.
as u can see from the photo.


sphere shape

square (in the middle) and coin shape (left & right)

i noe .. is ugly...
and i made star shape too.. but apparently.. it failed..
and love ! GOSH, forgot to do that


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