Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dedicated for Taoism

do u guys still remember the most favourite part of 小孩不笨
the website from Guan Yim
hilarious and sounds impossible right?

NO !
u are wrong!
it do exist.
seems like they even hav internet and laptop for the Gods in heaven




they even hav several Gods for u to pray
juz like shop online..hehe
and the website do provide
the so-called PRAYER SERVICE
which is they pray for u , under ur name
This is dedicated for those who
cant actually go to the temple for PRAYING
such as:

*currently study in oversea and wanna PO PI their result
(well this is a good service for them)

*dunno how to pray
(ya, no doubt.. there are lot's of diff way to pray depend on wat God u wanna pray)
*dunno wat 贡品 u shld prepare
(quote from mom , u should noe it)
( err.. maybe some god 'allergic' on certain things or foods?)
*being busy of ur business or work or children

but i think
for those who cant do it bcuz of:
the petrol price raised & dunwan drive car out

ya.. u guys can do it as well
but i dun think the god would help u.. XD

ps : I'm not LAUGHING !

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