Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was asked to help college for
NAPEI Education Fair
at Putra World Trade Center.

my excess tag

our booth

Kak Ainie
my leader
thx for the silicone case.

Mr Lonnie
Business Manager.

the bored staffs

the fair was totally bored.
ppl that works in the fair is even more than those ppl who came for "education consultion"
and I think our college green beg should get a prize of best green beg of the year.
cuz everybody keep asking for our beg and pen.
and seriously i dunno why.
well anyway, who cares as long I get my pay
but I should have follow cousin them for Shang-ri La buffet instead.

ps: Im the top staff who got the most of the data sheet among with others. haha Xp

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