Friday, June 25, 2010

Kopi Cine

ok this happened when I was back to Penang
for one week sem break.
Saw this cafe on the website.
Kopi Cine

it's located somewhere near The Goddess Temple
Click for the Map Location.

the bar

the photos on the wall.
seriously those are what we called photography.

My Cappucino and Noi's Latte

top : Chocolate Chips Cheese Cake
btm : ok forgive me, I forgot the name already.
the cake was great, but they melt quite fast.
or maybe the weather was too hot.
so we ate it fast.

that is our dearly Mr Noi
thank you for being my driver .

sorry for the photo.
I thought Noi will be bringing his camera
since I told him that we are going for food hunt.
but eventually he didn't .

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