Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy random day. =)

Today, Noi called me
first time !!!
after that I knew him since 7 years ago.
I'm flattered, my dear.

invited me to watch Transformer
but eventually,the intention couldn't succed
the sixth times failed to watch it
well. kinda used wit it now.

we shop awhile
Weng Kit went to change his 30 years old guitar
a set of new string
Dota at Infinity
Daniel and Ah Di met us up at dere
played together.

den suddenly Noi was inspired
took out the guitar from car and played b4 we left
so it's gonna be sneak preview for his performance.

after that played at my room.
looks good wit my hat and glasses.
black Jason Marz
love my sense .

so sad that we hav to end the day again.
couldnt remain the happiness .

ps: Daniel ar. Lady Gaga got lanciao one la..=x

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