Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Sire Museum Restaurant

Finally !!
ki tiok liao !
wit Robin, Chia Chee, Bak Jim, Kee Wah.
to celebrate our King's Birthday (finger crossed*)

The Sire Museum Restaurant.

(photo via what2see)
sorry that we forgot to take photo of outside.

full house ler.
when the time we got dere.
but we waited for 15 min nia
den there's a table avaible for us .

a basket of homemade garlic bread
as starter & free.
actually there are 6 of it , for 5 of us
I was eating one when they took the photo.

Part of the interior of dining area.
the interior of dining area reali nice
pleasant us .
and the behind is the museum part.

Kee Wah.

my Red Snapper bla bla.
forgot the full name liao
the SAUCE and side dishes NICE!!!!
and the snapper nice but I think it could be better.

Robin's Roasted Lemon Grass Chicken
and again SAUCE !! BRAVO !!
taste good wit the garlic bread too
the chicken taste like chicken rice eh chicken for me .
Robin claimed the chicken was too 'old' and too 'dry' .

(photo via what2see again)
yet again we forgot to take it.
Kee Wah and Chia Chee's Carbonara Spaghetti
not bad for me..
but they claimed normal and large portion for them.
well.. I think is ngam ngam ho for me. XD

and Bak Jim's salad. we din took it also.
he refuse to eat any meal as dinner.
for the sake of his body-weight/diet-control-plan/wan-to-be-slim
so he only ordered salad.
Robin said dunwan go eat Chili's anymore, haha

the dessert I ordered to share
to thx them for accompanying me to there.
well. din expected were that tiny and JELLY state.
I were expecting cake type.
not bad though, but I still prefer cake type one
call me headstrong
the homemade ice-cream pleasant me too.
sweet and soffftttt~~

and after paid the bill
we decided to go visit the museum part.
wuhu. 4 floors of antique
Baba and Nyona, Yeap Cho Yee & etc.
but no photography are allow
if u reali wanna see those.
Click CK LAM.
she's the food blogger. so she was the exception

Selepas itu, we headed to Sunset bistro
but ended up at Sea Breeze
due to the traffic jamp along the road to batu ferringhi.

Spot the similarities.
well the photo kinda blur.
juz try .
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The End

ps: I love my food hunting ~ XOXO

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