Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Genting.

Robin texted me
asked me whether wanna go to little genting at balik pulau or not
my food hunt has started .

Robin & the others insisted wanna watch sunset.
so I hav to drive to meet them at dere.
right after I finish my work.

the way uphill was like.
the road is become smaller and smaller.
the slope is even more higher .
but still. my 小银 did it.
he tried the best to climb it ! wuhu
I love u ,baby !
muak ♥

thai traditional starter.
forgot the name olrdy.
used to eat it when I go back to granny's house in Perlis.
Mikael and others dunno how to eat it.

thai salad .
sort of.
ngm zai la.

Green curry.
Bak Jim & Robin claimed it was too spicy.
they even sweating when they are eating it.
pls la.. normal eh spicy level nia.
boh iong.

recommended by the waitress.
too skinny liao la the fish..
boh bak eh.
not enough for us

haha. karma !
dunwan fetch me lo.
fog/cloud/haze covered the sunrise.
eng gai eng gai.

I could even see my NS camp clearly.

emo Wen Xian.

the mess we left.

they ditched me afterwards

den I picked Aun up headed to Gurney
to meet Hooi Ming.
for her earlier birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday ya ~

-the end-

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