Sunday, April 19, 2009


was wandering around for some food
eventually saw this
nxt to Kim Gary in gp.
and the price is part of the reason
why I would giv it a try on it.

the bar.

the pond.
the fishes inside the pond.

my California errr.
shit . forgot it.
rm 5

my fried pork rice & soup
rm 15.
green tea for free.

well.. overall
it might not be very nice
but at least the taste is better than sushi king's
and the prince are slightly cheaper than sushi king's

Juz drop by and try
venture somethin for ur boredom life

classy yet true.
reali nice !
love it.
"sometimes happy ending is.. juz like.. keep moving on"

ps: currently drinking mum home made enzyme. little bit drunk now
for those who wanna rape me , juz bring a vodka or corbin bleu
it's better than a rope.

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