Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Random Treat .

Mr Robin watched the movie
Avatar : The Last Air Bender
and he wants to watch the whole animation
so he wants to copy the whole complete season from me
since I have just downloaded it few weeks ago

By time I aboard his car
he told me that he was in the good mood
and got insane that day
wanted to treat somebody a meal.
I was like.. WHAT SERIOUSLY ??

so eventually we went to Tony Rama's in Mid Valley

his Smoke Salmon Spaghetti and Sprite Mocktail
cuz they were having 50% raya promotion for the mocktail
but I thought they Muslim are not allow to drink alcohol .
and I like the salmon.
It's not overcook and dry

My Mojo Chicken with Mango Orange Mocktail
recommended by the waiter
like chicken and the mash potatoes
FYI , they put bacon slices on the mash potatoes
yummy .

We were planing to order the dessert as well
but the waiter stopped us cuz he dun think we will finish it all
well. luckily we didn't
but I think we will finish it if we did.
our stomach are blackholes.

a drank coffee , an eaten tiramisu and
an eaten Apple.

we went to Starbuck @ The Gardens to transfer the animation

Lastly , Thank you for ur Generosity and Kindness

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