Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Day

rmb the OriginS that I bought in my previous blog?
well.. went for my mask exchange
bcuz of the allergy
dun worry. is not the product's matter
it's me. my problem. the product is great, perfect & reali work
juz that im allergic to the certain ingredient of the mask
and for the record.. im the 1st person who allergic to it after they hav sold like..
hundreds of it? i guess.

and so ,that is wat i got for exchange. another type of mask
kinda costy . $$$
cuz is more exp and almost twice of the one that im allergic to. so i hav to pay more
after some consideration abt my skin type & condition of mine
that's the onli one. no choice.
well.. seems is juz a prank from god i guess?
juz hope that my redness reali do CALM DOWN .

and they also gav me this tiny sample

blur right?
here's the photo from the website

Clear Improvement®
click the name if u wan detail

watched this.
and Ashley Tisdale ,which is she played as Sharpay Evan in the movie
is the reason y i came to watch it. XD
ain't Vanessa Hudgens ! well. she's not bad too
i noe she is bitchy , so drama queen in the movie
but.. i juz love bitch!
and u noe u love it too.. ;D
nothin much.
juz .. i'm missing my high school time now


happy sunday ,my friends

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